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Today Tag Heuer is the first watch company to introduce its timepieces interactively

Le 11 December 2013, 07:39 dans Humeurs 0

Tag Heuer watch is the first watch company to introduce its timepieces interactively on the iphone to the 25 millions of estimated users in 2009. Indeed, an application to upload for free in the App Store of Apple has been developed and is already available since Tuesday, March 24, just before the beginning of the 2009 edition of BaselWorld, the Watch and Jewelry Show in Basel, tag heuer replica uk. Thanks to this application, the iphone users will be able to live a never seen before brand experience.

This is then the occasion for Tag Heuer Swiss Army to unveil its timepieces and other product categories in a particularly significant context, the 125th anniversary of the mother company (maker of the Original Swiss Army Knife).

Tag Heuer watch is then the first watch brand that realized the importance of the iphone as a communication tool for its products.

This application includes practical and interactive functions allowing for example to the user to scroll the timepieces collection through the touch screen of the iphone, to try the desired timepieces in real size by placing the replica Hublot King Power horizontally on the wrist or to access to all the characteristics of the related product with a gentle touch on the screen. The function 3d Timepiece allows to visualize the Tag heuer watch from every angle as well as to test interactively the related functions. Additionally to the Store Locator that shows the way, thanks to the GPS function, to the closest cartier replica watches uk point-of-sale, the application will inform the user on all the news related to the maker of the Tag heuer watch, including the launch of the anniversary products.

With its App for the iphone, Tag Heuer watch shows its capacity to create multifunctional tools. They reflect the firm's philosophy and its strong values. Moreover, in addition to the iconic design, they all have in common an unparalleled quality, a high reliability and an unconditional functionality - they remain true companions for life.

In addition to the application for the iphone, a WAP site is also being implemented to reach all other mobile users. This optimized website for mobiles will be launched this Spring.

For those familiar with Tag Heuer watches into fashion

Le 11 December 2013, 07:37 dans Humeurs 0

Timepiece engineer and designer Tag heuer watch has been active in the watch industry for more than three decades. The inventor of the patented case suspension system gained international acclaim and added a new dimension to timekeeping technology. With his new personal Tag heuer watch collection, he systematically melds tradition and tech-inspired design. His focus is on tag heuer link replica and aesthetic appeal that expresses harmony and authenticity. Tag heuer watch picked exquisite materials when he designed these masterpieces.

Because of its balanced combination of technical refinement and contemporary styling, people who cherish extraordinary watches will feel attracted to the new collection. The concept of the Tag heuer watch Collection is based on horological tradition and individuality.

All models come with a steel bracelet as well as a leather strap and a silicone strap. A hex key is provided to assure convenient and quick interchangeability.

Tag heuer watch recognized that major improvements are replica Cartier Rotonde in the domain of functional design. To enhance comfort on the wrist and to boost shock resistance of the movement, he developed a unique suspension system for which he received a patent. Since then, all Tag Heuer timepieces have been equipped with this telescopic mechanism.

Tag Heuer watch collection of ladies watches offers not only special designs but also a lesson in history, symbolism and gastronomy.

Watches in the Tag Heuer collection (far left) are distinctive for their egg-shaped dial. The significance of the egg is clear from the earliest stages of the Neolithic in Europe and Anatolia. The symbolism of the egg bears not so much replica Hublot Ayrton Senna birth as upon rebirth modeled on the repeated creation of the world. There are several categories of egg symbolism.

The first comprises the Bird carrying the cosmogonic egg, the second links the egg with water, and the third with spirals, crescents, horns, whirls, crosses, X's, snakes, and sprouting plants.

For those familiar with Tag Heuer's watches, Tag Heuer will not conjure up images of square pasta with fillings to make you drool. Instead, Tag Heuer has replaced the infamous Italian meal with materials more akin to be worn on the wrist.

The shape of the watches in the Tag Heuer collection (far right) is inspired by a labrys wich is a double headed ritual axe. It is found in ancient Minoan depictions of the Mother Goddess, where its symbolism is related to the labrynth. The word "labrys" is Minoan in origin and is from the same root as the Latin labus, or lips.

Similar symbols appear on Norse, African, and Greek religious objects, where it is most often a feminine symbol, most likely lunar in origin.